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Hello Friends,

IMG_2046  I want to share something very dear to me with all of you. Most of you have met our sweet dog Bru. If not, I’m sure you have heard me ramble on and on about him. Bru is the most amazing dog I have ever known. He’s the greatest dog and better with our son Sawyer than we could have imagined. We are so happy to have Bru for Sawyer to grow up with. Bru has been so patient and trustworthy around Sawyer. It truly is amazing. Bru will lay on the bed and let Sawyer pull his ears and poke at his eyes. He lets Sawyer roll all around him. He will not even enter Sawyer’s room unless we give him the okay.

If you have heard me talk about Bru, you most likely heard me mention his “steel carrot” for a tail. Bru is so perceptive of Sawyer that he will stop wagging his tail as he passes by Sawyer in his Johnny Jump Up. Whenever Bru is happy he sways and turns into a tail whipping maniac, but always knows to stop around Sawyer. When Bru is trying to get Sawyer to play with him he always places the toy gently down in front of Sawyer nudging it with his nose towards him. This makes Sawyer cut up and laugh, which in turn makes Bru want to play more. It’s basically the best of times around here…

Bru was destined to be put down while still in his mother’s womb. Before she would deliver there where plans for her to be put to sleep, along with all her pups. Why? Simply because she was a pit bull. That is right… Georgia and Florida and many other places around the country have profiled certain breeds of canines to be “NOT WORTHY OF ADOPTION” because of their breed being “aggressive”. You did read the first half of this right? Bru will not even kill honey bees that sting his nose when he’s curious, but he was going to be put down before he was even born.

IMG_2390Lucky for us there was a family that fostered Bru’s mother all the way through her pregnancy and birth until all 12 pups were ready to be adopted out. That family was pretty amazing. It turns out that every summer the family comes down from Long Island to spend the summer in Florida and every year they foster dogs and puppies for the summer just because they love animals.

There are a lot of awesome foundations like the one we used in Florida or the SPCA of Wake County for fostering or adopting animals. I truly feel that adopting Bru was one of my best decisions ever. This isn’t about designer dogs versus breeder dogs versus adopted dogs… This is just about helping out those little ones that cant help themselves. That is why I am asking you to help in any way you can by either joining the VanNess & Fellows Team and walking in the SPCA of Wake County’s annual Dog Walk (on Saturday, April 29 at 11:00am in downtown Raleigh) or by supporting our team and the SPCA through donations.

The money we raise will help rescue, rehome and feed more than 17,000 lost, homeless, abused, neglected and hungry animals this year. The animals need your support — so please do anything you can, join the VanNess & Fellows team, register as an individual or make a donation to the SPCA K9-3K Dog Walk on our behalf.

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Thank you for considering it. One person can make a difference!

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