Adios TV Lady

This story is about a cover up tattoo I did on one of my clients Mitchell. He moved out to New Bern and thought to give a random shop a shot. He didn’t really know to check out portfolio’s, because his previous experience was just being brought in by someone who he had trust in. It just so happened to be a very reputable shop. He went in and asked if anyone was good at doing pin-up girls. And like all good car salesmen… “Of course we are.” He asked for a pin-up girl sitting on an old tv on his arm and this is what he received after enduring 5 hours of pain.


So later on he approached me wondering if I could fix it. I insured him I could, but I was curious if he would be interested in covering it up. He did not mind the thought at all. He actually thought it wouldn’t be possible unless it was totally black. Often more times than not, it’s completely possible to cover almost anything when one is open to suggestion. Especially when you could just spend a moment or two sketch an image on the skin over the existing tattoo, to try and help the client to see your vision…. …So I asked Mitchell to pass me a few different ideas and he mentioned a day of the dead skull. Being one of my favorite types of tattooing, I thought it would be easy to do so. So I began to freehand my idea on his arm for him to see how it would work. img_3044

Once you draw it on, I think it really helps to see really what is possible. It allows you to see where you can hide some part of the previous tattoo and utilize the contour and shade aspects for other areas. Notice how I used the hat of the old tattoo on the girl, to be where the new hat on the skull. And the beard and bandana is where the tv is at to utilize the dark tv for shading aspects. Last but not least is this. Most important thing for a cover up is manipulation of what the eye sees. Tricking you to concentrate on a small bright area as oppose to the darker area for the cover up. Here is the final product….


So the next time you decide to try a new spot, check out the portfolios, possibly even wait to see some good looking tattoos around your new town and ask them where they got them. Or ask your previous artist that you trust to give you a recommendation or to glance at the new spots portfolios for their opinion.

I hope this helps, thanks for checking us out
and remember tattoos are as permanent as brain surgery, you wouldn’t go looking for a deal on that would you.

Mark VanNess

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