Beware of straight lines and circles

Hello Folks,

I decided to demonstrate a freehand tattoo to help explain what I do and how I do it. Freehand tattooing is when there is no stencil, and the artist draws directly on your skin as oppose to a piece of paper first. Most artist like to draw your idea out first on paper to work out the detail, size, proportions, and composition. I myself do this often especially if the client is in need of seeing the artwork first. However most of my clients know me as a freehand artist.

The purpose of freehand for me is actually quite simple. I feel I get a better sense of composition or flow being able to work with the bodies natural lines or muscle structure. Allowing me to line up points of interest on interesting points of the body. Also I feel that it allows the customer to see the tattoo first hand directly on them rather than on a big sheet of paper folded around their arm. Im going to share with you 2 examples of freehand I hope this helps.

img_4536 img_4539

notice how the end of the handle rest right on top of the ulna bone by the wrist and how the flow of the dagger stays in line with the forearm muscle structure.

Here is another example of my freehand capabilities that I did on my client Jessica Smith’s back piece of a phoenix.

img_1917 img_1918 img_1919 img_4760_2

Notice how the lower back tattoo has been covered by the clouds, and the lizard up top was covered by a peony flower.

I hope this helps explain the benefit to freehand… But always remember when it comes to freehand, Not everyone is great at it.


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