Hoodie Hall of Fame

IMG_0834I started making my own hoodie designs when I was working for Blue Flame Tattoo back in 2003.  I have made one almost every year for the past 10 years.  I originally started making them with the hopes that my clients would wear them and represent my artwork while out having a bite to eat or a beer.  It turned out people really liked my designs and I have been making hoodies almost every year since.

I recently went through my closet (now that the temperature is starting to drop) and realized the collection of hoodies I have.  I realized after looking through some of my older hoodies how much I have grown as an artist over the past decade and how much these hoodies reflect my growth.  Each hoodie represents a time in my life and career, where I was as an artist, my inspirations, the shop where I was working and where my mind was.  Ten years have gone by so fast and I can see certain moments in time, reminisce, when I look back at my hoodie designs.IMG_0860

As my wife Jess and I were looking over the hoodies and chatting, we came up with (what we think is) a great idea.  We thought it would be fun to re-release a few of our favorites.

I decided to take one design from each shop where I have worked over the past decade, reinterpret the concept and redraw the design in an attempt to explore my growth as an artist and offer my clients some revived versions of their favorite hoodies.  But I didn’t want to neglect the newest and biggest step in my career, so I decided to also create a new design for my own shop VanNess & Fellows.The first design released in the series of four.

I have chose 3 unique designs from my past (1 from the old Blue Flame Tattoo location, 1 from new Blue Flame Tattoo location and 1 from Oak City Tattoo) as well as created a completely new design for VanNess & Fellows.  All of the hoodies and shirts have the same sleeve design stating which of the four in the series the design represents.

I will be releasing one design every week for the next month. We are printing 30 of each design in long sleeves t-shirts and 20 of each design in premium hoodies.

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You can purchase them online here or come by the shop.

Mark VanNess Hoodie Hall of Fame from VanNess and Fellows on Vimeo.

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