Juliana Rodriguez will be exhibiting in July and August

We are excited to have Juliana Rodriguez’s “Revolver Dolls: Future Butterfly” for July and August.  The show will open on First Friday, July 4th from 6p-9p.  Stop by for refreshing beverages and snacks!

Revolver Dolls is a mixed visual project with a final photographic format. Rodriguez systematically approaches various topics using dolls (mostly Barbies) as protagonists. She uses a compositional method of creating film sets, where locations are scenographically made, cameras prepared, lights arranged, space is available as a stage and the correlation of the sequences is projected in shots. This method is familiar for Rodriguez as she is a trained filmmaker. This method allows her to explore the use of Barbies instead of actors or models. Working with dolls allows characters to assume several roles and ultimately creates its own entity and visual language.

See a video about the show here:

REVOLVER DOLLS IN “VANNESS & FELLOWS” ART GALLERY / PROMO from revolverproducciones on Vimeo.

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