Join us on the SPCA dog walk in APRIL!!!

The SPCA has an annual fundraiser called “The SPCA K-9 3K Dog Walk”. However it is for all pets in need. It’s on Saturday the 19th of April. It’s a fundraiser to raise money for one of the best pet adoption agencies in our country. This particular fundraiser is just for Wake County.


The SPCA works hard to find the best homes and families for their animals by using in-house programs like dog training. They have medical facilities for abused or abandoned animals and medicine plenty of feel good medicine for those older animals that have been surrendered. All training and house visits are free. While all of these treatments are free for the animals, someone has to cover the tab. That is why it is so important for the SPCA to get donations.

We at VanNess & Fellows Tattoo have registered as a team and are looking for other teammates as well as donations. We would love to have you walk with us (and our dog Bru), make sure you register for all the information. Perhaps you would rather sleep in on a Saturday morning, I understand, you can donate however much you like sleepy, in honor of our team (100% of the donation goes to the SPCA).

walk with us

walk with us

So what more could you want to do on a Saturday morning? Come hang out with Jess, Sawyer, Bru-dog, myself, and the crew of VanNess & Fellows! We will be drinking coffee and checking out dogs in tu-tu’s, costumes, and giant mastiffs playing in water hydrants. If you are not in to exercising, you could dontate to the SPCA in our honor or just chill out in in Moore Square and look at all the cute pups walking by.

We have special VanNess & Fellows gifts for everyone that donates or registers for the walk!

Here’s a link to the SPCA’s website to our team in order to donate or join the team.

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